Friday, June 30, 2006

Chased by the devil

Local cycling enthusiasts had a sneak preview at last Sunday's race of EL DIABLO. Being relatively new yet to cycling as sport, I wasn't up on the original devil, one Didi Senft.

Though not quite as smokin' as our notorious socal demon David Lee, an interesting character....long time cycling/racing enthusiast and fixture at the Tour de France, first donning the devil suit in 1993 because:

"They always called the final kilometre of a criterium [stage] the red devil's lap. I never saw a red devil, so I became one."

Mr. Senft is also known for building gynormous bikes. He's had at least 10 entries in the Guiness Book of World Records including the worlds largest and longest (bike), a recumbent double-decker tandem, and a giant rickshaw. Rad.

Photo here of Riley McAlpine, smiling through the pain as she took 4th, an amazing feat as she was riding solo against a field of teams looking to shut last years winner out. You go girl!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The road to a safer PCH

Thanks to La Grange club members for pushing this forward:

Shown here, last friday's gathering of cylists and government officials for a media event to kick off the PCH "Share the Road" signage. The decision to place a series of "Share the road" signs along the perilous PCH came after many meetings between reps from local cycling clubs and local/state officials, several of whom were at the press conference in the Topanga Beach parking lot.

Including: Chief Deputy Director of CalTrans District 7 (L.A. and Ventura Counties), State Senator Sheila Kuehl, County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky, State Assembly Member Fran Pavley and Duncan Lemmon, President of La Grange.

Vibile signage is certainly a step towards reminding drivers that cyclists, less protected than your average SUV, have a right to safer coastal views while sucking in all that CO2.... by not driving AND breathing those fumes in, were doubling our efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Devil meets the princess

June 25th, one of the most exciting regional bike races right in our back yard!

Last years highlights:
*A cameo appearance by Mephistopheles - recognize the sizzling South African in red?
*A beautiful, sunny socal day, AND,
*A stellar performance by Riley, who won the grueling race.

Lord only knows what this year will bring......I'll be there for sure, anyone wanna ride/carpool out there?

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Bicycle Film Fest

The annual wheeled reels come to town. Went last year, a few months after I first entered the world of road bikes, having primarily commuted/ridden my Xtracycle before.

Films range from bike advocacy, to pro-cyclist related, to just about anything featuring our favorite form of peaceful transportation. Not to miss if you are in any way shape or form a bike lover.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Midnight Ridazz

Been meaning to try this ride since I learned about the Midnight Ridazz last year, but reluctant to ride out to Echo Park alone at night.....until now.

Found a group that rides out from Venice/Culver City, and headed w/ them to join about 500-600 others for a safe, chill tool around town.....such an incomparably different experience from cruising around in a car. You just see and feel more on a bike.

Check out this list for info about Midnight rides, general bike related happenings, etc. To come, a wheeled LA taco tour.