Monday, November 20, 2006

Ode to the KITCHEN

Sadly, I missed the Bicycle Kitchen's latest fiesta/volunteer/cerveza session, which by the sound of it, was a PARTY.

Living vicariously through this poetic recap (below) by the Kitchen's famed founder Jimmy Lizama.Pretty sure this poem should turn into a song, maybe someones already on it?

Have yet to visit kitchen (!!!) which is just plain unacceptable. I'm in dire need, my Xtracycle is barely rideable, stuck in a super heavy gear.....I WILL go before 07! Thanks Jimmy and BK for your inspiration.


and there I am, there I am again
I ain't got no lights
I'm wearing my black woolie hoodie
black striped socks, which way don't matter


I'm riding home just past two thirty two in the morn' on a Saturday in L.A.
Aint no drunk driver can see me, but I'm safe
I'm safe
You know why?
Cause I never rolled by right pant leg down


I gots my black corduroys on
the right leg rolled up, you see
so it won't hit my one fly wheel there
and I never rolled it down this night

See I meant to go in there
to direct and to nail and to mount and to O'ganize
but it got so fast
so loud
so crrrrrazy

folks came from all parts with all their parts jiggling and jangling

artists and musicians and architects and cycle couriers and professors
and urban expansionists and regular ol' coffee drinkers
and some beer drinkers
and bikers!

bikers, the lot of them!

They came in and smiled
and toiled and grinned and grinded and for's I knows it
it's a bike party

and I never rolled my right pant leg down

I went in there intent
Intent on making a huge dent
but it was a little dent
We made

we got lots done
had us some bike-silly fun
and we used up a whole lot of energy

and then

we drank lots of beer
we made new and old friends
we laughed and hurrayed like old times

and I never rolled my right pant leg down

See, I wore my nice pants, thinking we'd get out
Find a place to roll that right pant leg right down
Somewhere where a party was
But the party
The Party

The party was right there the whole time

So here's to:

the teachers
the electricians
the nobodies
the somebodies
the environmentalists
the graphic artists
the manipulators of consciousness
the editors
the organizers
the administrators
the recyclers
the drunkards
the sober
the death rockers
the New Yorkers
the Angelinos
the homeless
the homefull
the hopeless
the instigators
the innovators
the pragmatists
the Cooks
the clients
the volunteers
the people who came
the people who didn't

for you I roll my right pant leg down
as I remove my weary socks from my weary feet
and slide into a warm bed and a warm dream

and I do this safe and sound
knowing that I never rolled my right pant leg down till now
cause y'all love the place as much as I do.

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