Monday, February 19, 2007

How to: load bike on bus

Saw this little illustrated how to and had to post for my friend Siel, who has expressed some concern about the whole bike on bus thing.

Shes gone carfree, which I'm way impressed with - something I keep yapping about but haven't yet pulled the "sell" trigger. I'll definitely proclaim it to the world once I do. Meantime, for anyone else a little wary of using the bus bike rack, check it out.

Just about every city with bike racks on buses have their own little instruction page, so clearly this is a shared concern, simply a matter of trying it once.

I used to do this all the time living in Santa Cruz, but haven't yet in LA, my obstacle has more been figuring out the bus system, again just a matter of diving in. But what if you're on tight schedule, and the racks are full? I'd rather be safe and just ride, but its a nice option for commuters going a long distance.


: : Tim Harvey : : said...

I knocked an hour of cycling time off a commute today, by using the convenience of the bike-bus rack system. Published bus schedules in the Victoria City area make a note when a bus will not be equipped, which is pretty rare - a huge improvement on years past.

I was heading to an out-of-town ferry terminal, a route I normally ride, but running late, so I opted for the bike-on-the-bus. It was easy to use, and having my bike sitting on the front rack made the bus look way cool.

My fears that someone might do a snatch-and-grab-and-ride-away, or that the bus might hit a deer and thereby injure my bike (and Bambi), I eventually dismissed as paranoia stemming from my inordinate bicycle fetish. But it was still a bit unsettling to see it out there, exposed on the grill of a bus. We wouldn't install baby seats out there, would we? (Note to self: get over it - it's just a bike!)

My only real worry is that the ease of whizzing down my usual cycling route will prove addictive. Even buses cause emissions, and I wasn't getting any exercise. Next time I'll try to do as you do, Anna: leave early enough to ride my bike!

I can't quite refrain from expressing a bit of angst over having been ticketed $30 this week for cycling without styrofoam strapped to my head... what's the world coming to?

Nice new blog colours, by the way! Looks sharp!

Okay, Anna, go lose 3500 lbs in one day! 1-800-SELL-CAR

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