Thursday, September 14, 2006

For the roadies in the house.....

As someone who has one little toe in the road biking world, I love getting this free newsletter, so wanted to share with all my roadie friends.

Road Bike Rider is a weekly electronic newsletter, full of tips on training, nutrition, gear, tidbits about famous pro-cyclists I've never heard of, and even the occaisional advocacy related news (which I really dig) - like how/why to be a bike commuter, info on Bike to Work Week etc. The works.

I read it religiously every Thursday morning, helps me motivate for the early morning ride. I pretty much ignore most of the race results, skim over the latest gossip from the pro-cycling world, and delve into my favorites: the "views you can use" and "try this on your next ride" sections. Very cool stuff.....

And when you sign up for the newsletter, they send you a free electronic book, "29 Pro Cycling Secrets for Roadies".

With a little reading, a LOT of training, and some gifts from the genetic gods, you just might be able to hang onto the wheels of some of these biker babes.....yeah.

I'm great with the reading. It's the physical training I need to work on....and the genetics, well, I'm screwed. Make do with whatcha got!

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