Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Holy Spokes(man)!

This is too much to let slip by, modern day superheroes (costumed and all!) cruising across the country on bikes. Their mission: to committ random acts of kindness while inspiring, amusing, baffling and enlightening all who cross their paths.

I remember reading something about this crew months back while "leafing" through an eco-rag - fitting that I was just reminded of it by another bike superhero, Tim Harvey - aka "Man-power Man".

The annual ride started in 2000, when former Marvel Comics artist Ethan Hughes (or "Be-Man"), took his passion for cycling and community service to the streets, donning superhero threads and heading cross country with 15 other wheeled wonders, to seek and solve injustice as they rode.

The power-peloton has since grown to 250! Here's Flow-girl to the right.....

Polluted waterways, environmental racism, communities in need of some energetic hands - these are all tasks for the Haul of Justice.

Join the superheroes on their next ride to Mississippi in early December, to help with disaster relief. For more information, e-mail Valerie Hahn at

On a slight tangent, title of this post is also a reference to the bike shop in Santa Cruz that helped awaken my dormant interest in cycling - The Spokesman. The crew here helped ease the daunting process of choosing my first road bike, and are truly dedicated to getting riders of all ilk out on the road. Holy spokes.

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