Friday, July 28, 2006

Oil Free Odyssey

This is amazing.....

A human powered journey (check the map above), crossing continents and oceans, from the artic to the arid, from the bicycle to the canoe, rowboat, wooden the ole two legs.

Voyage visionaries Tim Harvey and his team are traveling the world using forms of transport that don’t rely on fossil fouls, to raise awareness about climate change. The website is replete with incredible photos and humorous, harrowing stories about their ongoing adventures - definitely worth a visit:

"It began as a dream to adventure by zero-emission means: Vancouver to Moscow by human power. The dream then grew - to circle the world without fossil fuels. It is taking over two years.... on a route across five continents and two epic of frostbite, blizzards, bandits and high seas storms. Now on the home stretch, journalist-filmmaker Tim Harvey brings you along as he slogs for a cause - a greener future where all of us burn fewer fossil fuels."

And Tim’s ride is a fully loaded Xtracycle!

I was so inspired by the site that I dropped a line to Tim, curious to hear if they would pass through Los Angeles, and if so, might we do a little awareness raising here? Got a super nice reply – a jaunt through LA sometime in September just might work, esp. if there were opportunities for spreading the word.

So going to put this out to the sustainable transport community here, see if we can entice these green adventurers to our urban jungle…..

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phascinated said...

YES! first, i want to say that i love the world you've created online right here. i'm jealous.
and secondly, let's get it together and have a ride in september. please come out to bitchen sometime soon. we'd love to have you and you would be thrilled to see what we get done ;)