Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My bike lost weight!

A self-indulgent post here: just picked up my NEW BIKE yesterday, thrilled to no end. It's the most beautiful little sleek creature I've ever seen....Thanks to the incredible generosity of my biker friends - Riley, Tim, Jay, and Keii - who donated their super nice extra parts and time to the "lighter bike for Anna" cause.

Here I am towing it home from Helen's on the back of my Xtracycle, blurry with bliss....

And here I am worshiping it.....was so excited I didn't even notice the lack of pedals, so must wait one more day to try it out, oops.


Tuco said...

Cannondale? Looks like a cannondale. My commuting bike is a very old but still a darn hard working bike by them, congrats on the new bike! : )

Anna said...

Yup, its a Cannondale, and rides like a dream. Glad to hear yours is still reliable, bodes well for my new pet's longevity!