Thursday, July 06, 2006

Bitchin'spinners on the rise

Have met a few awesome rabble rouser chicks recently, Siel (aka Green LA Girl) and Summer, both femme-forces in the sustainability world; both taking up the sustainable transport challenge with a vengeance.

We recently biked to a few eco-events - Green Drinks, and a showing of "Who Killed the Electric Car", which lead to a few discussons about bike commuting, the evils of oil, the need for better/easier/sexier alternatives, and the urgency of it all.....the film is hard hitting - highly recommended.

Both bitchin'spinners have been blogging about these recent bike adventures, and inviting their respective networks to get involved. Summer offers some "out on the town w/ bikes" tips, and Siel started a kick ass series on "de-caring", check it out and voice your opinion, a cyber-critical mass of sorts.

How ARE we doing with the local bike scene in LA? Next post, a comparison of LA vs. other metropolitan areas on bike friendliness....and how to get involved on the home front.

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