Monday, July 24, 2006

Pedi cabs gettin' fresh

Went on an impromptu San Diego voyage Sat. nite with my friend Wendy and her pet guts sidekick.

And was stunned by the amount of pedi-cabbers in town. We were having cocktails at a bar downtown, streets were PACKED, and I started noticing all these hot young bike cabbies toting people around.....

Thought it was the coolest thing, and chatted with a few of them, only to hear their sad woes - f*&%$ing hard work, little pay, and much competition.

Like this kid here, from the Czech Republic, lamented there being more bike cabs than passengers some times.

Which dampened my short lived fantasy of starting a bike cab service in LA a bit. Still, kinda cool, reminded me of when pedicabs had their brief glory here.

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Heart said...

How about an Abbot Kinney-to-Third Street bar hop bike service? Hell, I'd take it.