Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Win a FREE BIKE!!!

Lack of a bicycle can be a pretty significant obstacle to, well, riding one. If that's stopping you, enter Bicycle Magazine's Biketown Program to win a free "around town" bike.

To enter: fill out the entry form here and write a little essay (don't sweat it, only 50 words or less), on how/why owning a bike would change your life.

Editors choose the best 50, and give away free bikes - yours to keep forever! Bikes are donated by some top notch companies - Giant, Fuji, Shimano, Electra.....They'll check in with the winners for a few months after the giveaway to see how you're doing with it, and will feature a few winners in their magazine. See what some past winners have to say about their BikeTown adventures.

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