Monday, July 03, 2006

In one corner, the bicycle......

Another cool bike-related post on Treehugger on bikes as a superior form of efficient transport. Which I applaud whole heartedly, recognizing that for some, its a matter of changing one's viewpoint/routine/approach to the whole thing. Like factoring in commute as exercise time - forgoing the drive to the gym, that sort of thing.

Cites some interesting research on the calories needed per passenger-mile to power a bicycle compared to a car. Not surprisingly, the bike comes out squeaky clean:

"...a bicycle needed only 35 calories, whereas a car expended a whopping 1,860. Bus and trains fell about midway between, and walking still took 3 times as many calories as riding a bike the same distance."

Though the word "calorie" in our body conscious society instantly connotes the enemy, really its just a measure of energy - energy we can burn cleanly ourselves, say on a bike, or less so, in a car.......

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