Monday, July 24, 2006

Company trades Ads for Bikes

One of the worlds largest outdoor advertising companies JC Decaux, launches an interesting green scheme, providing cities with specially adapted bikes and racks in exchange for rights to more sites to place their outdoor ads.

Bikes are computerized and tracked - people check 'em out with credit cards - free for 1st half hour - most urban trips tend to be 1/2 hour or less. And are scanned once re-parked for tire pressure, lights, brakes and gears.

Post from Treehugger, posing question: "A win win situation or pact with the devil?"

It sounds like a good deal....but then I don't know much about the company or nature of their ads.

The self-register bike system sounds like a VERY cool thing, a way to institute a free city bike that discourages theft.

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