Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The "biking IS sexy" challenge

Fun idea, leave it to Treehugger..... Part of an ongoing effort to promote the "cool factor" of bikes, Treehugger challenges you to take live pix of cool, hip peeps riding bikes - celebs/influential types, etc. doing their thing on two wheels.

Lest this turn into cycle stalking, be chill about it, this being LA, people are bound to have high profile friends/aquaintances who ride, and would consent to a little photo opp.

As noted in an earlier TH post, bikes often get a bad rap in the media (cyclists wearing big dorky alien helmets, pants rolled up, or worse - socks pulled up over pants - you get the idea)....

While auto companies spend gazillions on creating slick, sexy ads, with beautiful slinky people having a fabulous time in their petro-machines. But really, what's so sexy about driving around in a foul, polluting guzzler?

Besides, riding bikes is WAY more fun, and much liklier to contribute to a sexy physique. So help the bike rep out, keep your camera handy, and be on the lookout for bad-ass bikers.

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