Thursday, August 17, 2006

Why don't cyclists ride their bikes?

I still don't get it.

Why don't cyclists use their bikes to get around? I get that non-bikers fear riding for saftey reasons, but I'm continuously baffled by the cycling community, a community I've come to love, and even pose at being a part of....

They excell on two wheels. They ride hours daily - face grueling hills, pain, agony - voluntarily. And treasure their 40-80 mile weekend rides, waking at ungodly hours to do so while normal people sleep in, have breakfast, read the paper, and do other "civilized" weekend things.

Yet in my experience, most of these super-athletes STILL drive the insignificant few miles when going out, running errands, etc.

Is it being able to listen to music in the car, not wanting to deal with being nicely dressed on a bike, not wanting to take the slick road bike out on the town (a cheapo beater will pay for itself ASAP w/ these gas prices!) or being sore from the killer morning ride?

Or is it that we really don't connect the impact our tiny little actions have on our surroundings? Or maybe we just really love our cars.....If the latter is true, joder. I'm stumped.

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