Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Sept. 15th. Roll With It.

For anyone who has ever contemplated riding a bike to work but been intimidated by one of many unknown challenges,
ROLL WITH IT on September 15th is your chance to try riding to work with your own PERONAL BIKE COACH -- for free.

Urban biking can seem prohibitively daunting to the uninitiated......

There are the obvious fears (traffic/safety), the practical concerns (how to plan a route, how to cart your stuff, do i hafta wear lycra?), to the basic mechanics (flat tire, chain slipped) and many other highly solvable mysteries to contend with --

But just try it once.

It feels....so....good........you might never go back.

ROLL WITH IT will help you realize your fantasies of an enjoyable, oil free commute by pairing you with a skilled urban cyclist - a bike buddy who will show you the ropes both to and from work, and answer all those questions you were afraid to ask.


Just contact the Roll With It folks, let them know you want a little one on one action with a commuter champ: RollWithItCommittee@gmail.com

Unless you have a really hairy, sketchy route, I'd hazard a guess that once you try riding to work, you'll get a taste - and want more. No gas pumps, no parking hassles, no road rage (this is huge), a sense of freedom, some good exercise....Shall I continue?

And really, you can't say you live in LA without at least one session with a personal trainer.

Go for it. Roll wid it.

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