Tuesday, October 10, 2006

bikeTV: Bike Move

Missed this amazing little film at the C.I.C.L.E event film fest, thankfully discovered through SurviveLA blog. Video documents a residential move done entirely on bikes!!!

I tried to do this once in Santa Cruz, trouble was I didn't have a bike move posse behind me, just me and my Xtracycle. I spent a good 2 days doing trips back and forth, loaded to capacity, but enjoying the coastal view and the quizzical looks.

I caved in when it got to my heavy loveseat....and was frankly getting burned out on the project. Had Bike Move been around, we coulda banged the thing out in an afternoon. Awesome idea, and great little video illustrating the camraderie angle, will for sure bring a smile.

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Tim Harvey said...

Wow! So cool, great community spirit, and what a great cycling community! Cool to see so many trailer and hauling solutions in one video. I never thought there was such a phenomenon as a bike move! Next time I'm feeling down, I'll just remember the bike move video. Thanks Anna!