Tuesday, October 17, 2006

E bike: let's duke it out

Anyone whose ever visited knows what a Treehugger fan I am - whenever I see a bike-related post, I perk up. 'Specially when I see that they generate controversy, like this post about a new, super sleek line of electric bicycles, now at 17 comments - a sure sign of an incendiary topic.

Jacob, we miss you in LA!

Those naysaying the E-bike will argue that it defeats the purpose, "if you're gonna ride, well ride then dammit!"

Those in favor counterargue with, "anything that gets people out of their metal petro-boxes is a good thing."

Wherever you stand on the electric vs. human powered bike issue (must it be an either or?) must agree that this vehicle, from a purely aesthetic standpoint, is pretty slick.

I haven't done the full life cycle analysis (anyone?) but if it gets a few peeps outta their cars, I'm all for it.


green LA girl said...

I miss you too, Jake!

Shay said...

Well, I've read many of the comments on the Tree Hugger forum, and while there may be issues with battery disposal, etc. -- as someone with a somewhat disabling illness (Lupus), an electric assist can make the difference between riding a bike and not riding. So in my opinion, an e-bike can be a great addition to one's lifestyle.