Sunday, October 01, 2006

C.I.C.L.E bration

Yesterday's adventure riding down C.I.C.L.E's Life Can Be So Car Free event (previous post) reinforced the "journey is the destination" idea. Whenever bikes are involved, getting there is at least half the fun.....

First headed to the first west side meeting spot, other girl there had a flat. I've actually never had to actually fix one - despite years of riding, have only had two flats, both of which quickly fixed by a friend.

Two of us started fumbling around, when Yolanda, biker babe extraordinaire arrived on the scene. She had that thing ready to roll in no time......flat?

We rode on to meet up with the next motley crew in Culver City. Some crazy bikes, like this fuzzy number,

and this amazing tall bike......rider has some serious balancing skills.

Heres the Roll With It crew, signing riders up to be bike coaches - a free service that matches less experienced bikers up with a personal escort on their morning commute.

And spotted a handfull of Xtracycles:

There were more but I wasn't very diligent w/ camera, was too distracted checking it all out.

The event itself was a gathering of bike enthusiasts at the LA Historic Park near Chinatown, wide open area from which you can see many urban perspectives. There was lots going on - music, films, sustainable tranport/green living booths, great mingling and people watching with a big crew of friendly, funky, fresh people....but I stopped taking pix here and just enjoyed.

I'm sure more recaps and pix will emerge on other sites throughout LA for a while to come. An awesome first event for C.I.C.L.E - here's to a super fun new annual fiesta.


Anonymous said...

I can decide if I want a bike like Ali's fuzzy bike or if the extra wind resistance would drive me nuts.

Anonymous said...

PS - That was Alex

green LA girl said...

So sad I missed out! :( Glad I could live vicariously through your post though --

Survive LA said...

Bitchinspin rocks! And it's nice to see a photo of my Xtracycle (the one chained to the screen).