Thursday, October 26, 2006

saved by my Xtra!

Of course its on that rare occasion I need my car that the battery dies....

Had day planned to the minute: 8:30 am launch event for Santa Monica's new Green Business Certification Program, dash to farmers market to shop for my cooking class at New Roads, and jet to school in time for the teenage onslaught.

8:15 am: dead battery. Called a few car owners in a panic, struck out. Which totally 'derailleud' my timeline, so thought I'd try switching gears.

Fortunately made it to the Green Biz deal thanks to speedy road bike - an incredible 8:30 am! Made me appreciate again just how many people are interested in trying to green their company practices, to save $, energy, resources, etc. Go Santa Monica.

Timing the rest entailed a bike exchange. Sped home to grab the SUB, load up with kitchen equipment, hightail it to farmers market, and back to school (pant pant) in time, but it all worked out, thanks to the crazy loading capacity of my Xtracycle.

Was so worth it in the end, these kids are awesome, and we cooked up a fierce organic Moroccan feast - spicy vegetable stew, couscous, tomato/lemon-cucumber/onion salad, big fruit platter.....

The perfect cuisine solution to ditch disposables: you can eat with your fingers!

Since it all worked out, guess my only mistake was thinking I needed car in the first place.

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